Doughnut Plant

There are two Doughnut Plant's in NYC, one in the Lower East Side on Grand Street and the other in the Hotel Chelsea on West 23rd Street. Both locations are usually marked by long lines. Mark Isreal started making doughnuts 16 years ago using an old family recipe. Yesterday I went with a friend and enjoyed one of their newest creations, an oatmeal doughnut. It was, in a word, spectacular. I heard from a neighbor that on Valentine's Day, they had a special edition with edible rose petals. There are ceramic doughnut tiles on the seats and walls, and gorgeous doughnut designed pillows on the walls above the tables. The most fun part about the interior of this doughnut haven is the washroom, which has a spinning disco ball and mirrors every way you look. I have a feeling I will visit just a little too often ... Take a chic peek their packaging and website are beautifully designed too.
Happy Weekend!

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