Flower Girl

In case you haven't already noticed, I am a huge fan of all things whimsical, bohemian and chic. I love balance and color, but dislike things that match and are perfectly symmetrical (overly stylized). Sometimes this is a tricky balance to strike, in all things design oriented ... whether it be interior design, fashion styling or the like. I have finally found the perfect floral shop that speaks my language: Flower Girl. Beautiful, lush, organic looking arrangements that look freshly plucked from the field, and have been artfully and thoughtfully curated. Founder and owner Denise Porcaro comes from a background in Production Design in film, but discovered a creative outlet in flowers, crafting striking arrangements and bouquets for a select group of clients and friends. New York - if you are out there and looking for gorgeous flowers - don't look anywhere but here. Take a chic peek at Flower Girl.


Locanda Verde

Locanda Verde is one of my favorite restaurants in my neighborhood. It's delicious, simple, fantastic food, and happens to be in The Greenwich Hotel and owned by Robert De Niro. Chef Andrew Carmellini creates wonderful twists on Italian plates. The atmosphere is gorgeous, and, like all great New York restaurants, it is always packed. Take a chic peek of Locanda Verde, and if you go, the ricotta dish is a must! 


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